On arrival at Peccary Park your experienced guides will brief you on safety procedures for ATV handling and issue protective gear and helmets.  It is now time to explore the jungles of Belize on trails laid out over 100 years ago by loggers in search of precious Mahogany trees.  The trails are a good mix of various challenging terrains leading to the stop of the day – the Maya Caves.  Here you explore caves once used by the Maya thousands of years ago.  To the Maya, caves were considered portals to the underworld.  These sacred places were used for important ceremonies conducted to appease the gods of the underworld.  As you explore the cave, be on the look out for ancient ceramic pots forgotten for centuries.  Who knows, you may be the one to spot an undiscovered find! After this stop, it is time to loop back to home base via jungle trails

Departures are scheduled for 8:00am and 12:00pm from Belize City.